About us

“Galina – Dimitar 2” Ltd. expands and improves its activity, establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of furniture and equipment of shops and commercial sites. Currently, the company specializes in the production and trade of refrigerated and hot food showcases: for meat, sausages and dairy products, salads, confectionery showcases, chocolate and sweets, hot showcases for nuts and cooked dishes, shelves for food and industrial goods, advertising racks, shelves for packed goods, nuts, candies, table stands, cash registers. In addition to standard products, we also fulfill work orders according to the customer’s individual preference for size, shape and color. The company implements and coordinates its activities through modern equipped production bases and office in Plovdiv. We provide healthy and safe working conditions, protecting our employees against harmful environmental and working environments. Our company has been established with long-standing practice, high standards, speed and quality of craftsmanship, courtesy and honesty in dealing with our clients. Our goal is to keep track of the new trends in commercial furniture and to strive to perfect our own products.
Our priorities are:
High quality of our products
Modern design, comfortable for operation, style and reliability
Wide choice of products
Competitive prices
We guarantee qualified and timely service according to the individual needs and requirements of each customer.